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T.E.A.M. work makes the Dream Work

Be a CYWC AMBASSADOR Your voices matter, your dreams matter, your lives matter. Be the roses that grow in the concrete.

T.E.A.M – Together everyone achieves more.  this statement couldn’t be more true. I am extremely grateful for all the people who have been a part of my annual conference. It was because of my team that we are now at year 5 for this spectacular event. this was possible because they believed in the vision to empower, inspire and celebrate ordinary women doing phenomenal things.

This year is about Transformation and being Transformed. This will definitely be a year to celebrate! And, I would  like to invite you to be a part of the Team by being an official Ambassador.

I hope you will consider joining the team and being part of one of the most anticipated events of the year that will only grow.

You can live virtually anywhere. We love to have you. Save the date 6/30/19 Philadelphia, PA

for more info and to apply click here


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Artistic Manifestation of Me

 artist expression of me

As an artist at heart, I have come to learn that art is a form of expression for many. When words alone can’t describe how a person is feeling or what that person is going through – art can. Art gives you a voice even when you think you don’t have one. It expresses itself in many different ways such as in – paintings, sculptures, pictures, film, dance, song and poetry. Art as an expression has a way of capturing an emotion none like no other. Art has a way of manifesting the things you see both fact and fiction. Art has a way of revealing. Art has a way of healing. Artist expression has a way of telling a remarkable story – your story!

I am extremely excited about this month’s feature. This young lady was placed on my spirit to feature her simply because she is simply amazing. Her story of self through her artistic expression tells it all and I believe we all can learn a great deal from her.

Magnify Your Essence (MYE) is proud to announce the next “Magnified” feature will be:

Ms. Stephanie DeCristoforo

I was able to catch up with Stephanie to find out what makes her who she is and some insight on how we can be embrace our artistic side of us by being bold and fearless just like her. This is what she had to say….

(MYE) There are 5 core things that we as women at some point want to either change or do such as: go back to school, start a business, volunteer, health & wellness and/or start a business. Which fab 5 can you relate to as a women on the move, and why?

(SD) I think it is natural to think back in life on things you could have altered. For me, pertaining to my life I think it would be to open a business. A unique, approach to have a business where I could utilize the side of me that is the arts and hospitality combined. Poetry is making a comeback, I want to establish one day an open mic bar for poets, writers and stand-up comedians with a trendy low-key bar scene to it. To mix the arts in such a way where brave artists cross that line in front of an audience where the drinks are on time and laughs from people who are generally interested in authentic artists are housed. What could be greater than that? I always loved writing just as I always enjoyed being a bartender. Sounds like it would never be a day’s work.

 (MYE) As a Women on the Move, how do you recognize when to take risks and make bold moves?

(SD) Situations like these in my life come a dime a dozen and so when they do, I literally seize and pounce on those opportunities. I don’t weigh in on the negative emotions too much It’s a giving these rare opportunities are going to take dedication, some serious drive, bravery, hard work and all while wanting to touch that “people pleasure quality”. You want to do well and be viewed as an achiever there for you must become that full driven force to be as such and hope you make people proud of you and your hard work at the same time. It’s a lot on your shoulders and it’s scary. But I always think it’s the brave and dedicated that can execute these moves remarkably. Let that be the reminder to give you the confidence to achieve these moves.

(MYE) How do you overcome challenges when they come?

(SD) Let’s truly think about that. I think it would have to depend on the type of challenge. A lot of us have had to overcome major challenges and how we overcome them can be viewed as admirable or someone who didn’t handle it so properly. Just remember you are human and we aren’t always going to be perfect at overcoming our challenges in the ways people expect. Just as you strive to get there always remember to be a good honest person while doing so and therefore you can’t wrong.

(MYE) What advice would you give to someone who wanted to make a change but was fearful?

(SD) Fears a funny emotion. For me it doesn’t happen too often, but it has. It came in a way where I would be concerned of becoming an author and poet because of what my family or people would think of my writing. And, how openly I expose myself with talent and this sense of passion, especially in my unique artsy way. You will rob yourself every time faithfully thinking that way. You will miss chances every time to be truly happy and reach your dreams because you will too concerned about people’s opinions of you and fear how people may doubt you. Be strong-minded and confident in yourself. It’s a sense of greatness no one can ever take from you. Be that bold person people admire whom you will leave impressions on for life.

(MYE) What motivates and drives you to be the best you?

(SD) It’s the person I want to impress the most, myself. I must work in the relationship I have with myself every day. It starts with being happy and really loving yourself. Once you’re there you can literally achieve anything and when you do, can’t nobody tell you nothing. You then become the person they try to become and work on their whole life, and that should be viewed in the highest view of flattery.

(MYE) What is the most inspirational experience you’ve had?

(SD) Recently seeing how a lifelong friend became an inspirational author and then being offered in joining her in a project to become a co-author in a compiled anthology. It’s always been a dream of mine to be a writer and author. It also gave me the chance to also expose the poet that I am. What an amazing feeling and achievement. It was my proudest moment in life so far. I feel very happy I did it. For most, I can say I’m proud of myself and what a great feeling that is.

(MYE) What’s the one thing that brings you the most joy?

(SD) The fact I became this person with such an immense sense of self strength considering I been through an unusual amounts of horrific events and deep misfortunes in life. How I made it through all them and are still standing amazes me. It’s a joy to know I made it through them and can still live the most wholesome life.

(MYE) What is your proudest accomplishment in life thus far?

(SD) Co-authoring in a compiled spiritual anthology with some exceptional and fearless women. I joined a sisterhood who worked together to tell a piece about our dark past and our paths on how we overcame serious tragedies. It formed in becoming not only my dream to become a published author but a chance to shine a light on serious issues and a chance to maybe help someone in relation and do some good. And then for those stories to be featured on a billboard in Times Square, NYC.

(MYE) What was your ah-ha moment when you discovered _____________?

(SD) I was destined to be a writer and or author.  When I was in college I took a combined course of English/ Psychology. In that course I learned of the three attributes on how to become the desired parent through leniency being firm and autonomy. Having experienced this style of parenting in an unusual form we had to write a paper on why we felt like using those three attributes were beneficial and how each attribute held their importance. My professor was taken by my story and how I explained in a relatable form how to become to desired parent and the effects you get from not balancing each one perfectly. She addressed me privately at the end of my semester asked my permission to use my thesis in the syllabus for teaching the next years students. It was the realization in the fact the way I wrote could be of a real genuine use to teach students. It was then I knew for sure I’d become a writer one day, achieving past to becoming an author. I felt like I was contributing to being someone worthy and noble.

(MYE) What positive affirmation keeps you grounded?

(SD) Don’t take this guilt if you’re not quite where you or people expect you should be. You may not be the person you wish to be but you’re making the steps to becoming that person and having traveled so far away from the person you once were.  

(MYE) If you had to pick your own theme song or personal motto, what would it be?

(SD) “I have traveled through madness to find me.” – Danny Alexander

(MYE) What does being “magnified” mean to you?

(SD) It’s when you are the most very best you. You feel spectacular and amazing. You literally feel magnified. And there is no better feeling.


I don’t know about you but Stephanie has left me speechless as she is a true gem. A precious rare stone that’s one of a kind just as her artistic expression. She has certainly found a way to manifest her greatness through her thoughts, words and deeds. We could definitely take a lesson from Stephanie by tapping into our artistic side to reveal the beautiful work that is inside of us all. Thank you Stephanie for showing us the way.

If you too have a story you want to share or know of another Magnified Woman who should be featured by all means let us know. In the meantime, like Stephanie…Be Empowered, Be Inspired, & Be Magnified!!!!

steph de

Name: Stephanie DeCristoforo

Title: Poet, Writer and Author

Book: Co-Author of “Praise God! I Don’t Look Like What I’ve Been Through”

Mission: To have my words teach, heal and wow others.

Contact info:

photo credit: Stephanie DeCristoforo


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Transformation Time

be transformed

As 2018 ends, many of us like myself are thinking about what a year this has been. I am pretty sure we have all experienced our share of highs and many lows. We celebrated many occasions and we have experiences many disappointments. Often we put more weight on the negative stuff that has happened to the point it negates the awesome stuff that has occurred.

I am not immune to this way of thinking. I think the reason why this is the case is because those negative experiences have a great impact on our lives. I believe those experiences are somehow attached to an emotional connection. Nevertheless, these experiences should no way overpower the great and fantastic things that have happened within our lives. You know all the good stuff! I know for myself personally, I had many great things that transpired in 2018 but every now and then unfortunately, those disappointments are what stood out for me the most.

So, as I truly did some soul-searching, reflection, and healing I can now understand the purpose and intent for those moments of discontent. It started way before anything even transpired this year. I clearly remember, as 2017 was coming to a close I stated that 2018 was going to be about new beginnings. You know what; this was true it was about new beginnings as so many wonderful things came my way. Just that those new beginnings came at a cost of many things were necessary that needed to come to an end.

A year later, I can clearly see the reason for everything that transpired in 2018 good, bad and indifferent. I also have been saying that next year 2019 will be about Transformation – the Year of the Dragonfly. Not because of any Chinese or astrological calendar, but because of the cycle in which I see my life has unfolded. Once again, I truly understand the connection between 2017 (the egg) birthing that thought of change, 2018 (the nymph) was the uncomfortable incubator year to go through a distinct process and 2019 (the dragonfly) the year of emergence and transformation.

I compare this to the cycle of a Dragonfly as it has a 3-stage metamorphosis process that takes time to go through each stage. I know my life is not any different. Dragonflies have always been around me during the entire journey that I have been on over the years to discover self, healing and to be free. Each stage of my journey has been like each stage of this beautiful winged creature that amazes me every time I see one. Life will always unfold in stages, in a cycle, within a process to reveal something beautiful.

I know that your life is no different. We all have stages we must go through. We all must experience some uncomfortable moments. We all will be victorious within our own journeys. I am excited about what 2019 will bring for us all. I know my past, my strength, my determination and my belief in God – my higher power will be the catalyst to make all things possible.

Therefore, I believe this is the year of the Dragonfly not just for me for everyone who is transitioning from one stage of his or her life cycle to another. 2019 is Transformation Time now let us stand tall, expose our wondrous wings and fly…fly…fly!!!!


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Be the Voice; Let’s talk about the Aftermath, Sacrifice & Cost of Domestic Violence



As the month of October ends; so does Domestic Violence Awareness Month. That means no more purple ribbons to display, no more banners with statistics, no more rally’s, talks, events or walks, no more buttons, pins, or safety plans, no more hearing brave victims stories etc., etc., etc. No more Domestic Violence right…WRONG!!! The month may be over but Domestic Violence occurs 24/7 – 365 days a year and so should the discussion.

Some statistics indicate that every 9 seconds someone is experiencing domestic violence or intimate partner violence. These statistics also state that 1 in 3 women are impacted. Therefore, this means that if it is not you, then guaranteed it is the people on either side of you to your left & right. So why don’t we continuously talk about it beyond October? I will tell you why because of the shame, the stigma, the undermining of the real impact it has on the person. You see the incident may only occur within those 9 seconds. However, the impact often last a lifetime and effects more than just the victim but everyone around him or her. Their family, their kids, their co-workers, and their community the list goes on.

The time-period after the abuse has stopped is called the “Aftermath”. This is the time when the person is merely trying to survive. They are trying to piece their life back together again. Dealing with protection orders from abuse, the court system, trying to keep safe, keep a job, income etc. This aftermath comes with a “Sacrifice” and a “Cost”. The sacrifice and cost may pertain to their kids by either losing them to the system of fighting to keep them. The cost may come with the triggers from the memories, constant reminders, and the continued suffering in silence long after the abuse has ended.

That last one is important because not only are we kept silent during the abuse but we remain silent afterwards too. This is why domestic violence needs to be talked about all the time. The examples given are just a few of many that have a lasting effect on the now survivor and her family.  Nevertheless, no one wants to talk about it. Well, it is time to “Be the Voice” and speak up about all aspects of domestic violence. Speaking up is not about the abuser rather it is about setting you free so other people can are aware 24/7 – 364 and can then learn to speak up too.

Years ago, I decided to speak up. I chose to talk about what happen to me because I knew it would give people hope. I chose to Be the Voice and tell my story until someone gets the courage and is no longer embarrassed or afraid to tell theirs.

When we can talk about Domestic Violence, the things that happen afterwards, the sacrifices that are made to stay safe and the cost to our mind, body, and spirit we create a new narrative. It doesn’t become so taboo, frowned upon, or ignored anymore. Just imagine when we speak about it people will no longer have to suffer in silence or at all.

If you or you know someone who is experiencing domestic violence please get help, create a safety plan, seek professional advice/counseling, provide or get a support system and most importantly speak up.


The National Domestic Violence Hotline 
1-800-799-7233 (SAFE)

Safety Plan:

Safety Planning

Additional Resources:


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Delayed not Denied

Sooooo, I sent an opportunity to my son the late Monday afternoon for him to apply for and he sent it back to me like mom you should do this. I was like yeah right…okay. So, after some twisting, bending and pouting, I let him convince me to do it. It was to be an Obama Fellow.

All day I looked at it an still had some reservations but I still did it. So with a few hours to spare and with his help we worked on the package up until the deadline of midnight. So as the time was rapidly approaching the stroke of 11:59 pm I had computer issues, I couldn’t type, copy and paste fast enough, I received system errors, it was like a marathon getting to the finish line.

I met all the requirements, I answered every question, I submitted all the information requested, I saved everything each step of the way, and then i finally got to the last page and hit the submit button exactly at 11:59 pm, aaaannnd drum roll please….I received a message that the application is closed and no more submissions will be taken.

So there you go I missed the deadline. Bummer right well not really because that taught me to never give up and fight all the way to the finish even if you don’t advance or win. Trust and believe that this is just the prep work for something else. For starters I received confirmation today that I have be accepted to take part of a global event taking place next month. And, I know like I know that this is only the beginning.

So, my message to all of you is to keep pressing, do it anyway, never give up, and belief thought who belief in you. And Remember,when God has a plan, He has a plan that may be delayed but will never leave you denied!

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To all of you who have followed me on the journey I say thank you…to all of you who have come to my many workshops i say thank you…to all of you who have come to my conference i say thank you…to all of you who have purchased a copy of Magnified Thoughts i say thank you…Words can not express how appreciative I am of each and everyone of you near and far. So as we here on the 1 year anniversary of my amazon best seller Magnified Thoughts I just want to show may appreciation. So all this week I will be giving away some pretty cool stuff. But you have to enter to win! Giveaway ends Friday, September 21, 2018 @ 11:59 pm

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appreciate you