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Thank You!!!!!!


WOW…this day has finally come when I reached 5k views!  I am so grateful to all of you from all around the world who took the time to visit Magnify You Essence. And just think that I was afraid to release this blog at first. Initially, when I did release it was completely anonymous because I didn’t know what people would think, about me, about this blog, about everything I was going through . But God! Overtime, that no longer became an issue as this journey has truly helped me to become free. What was birthed out of my pain to help me has turned into my purpose that now helps others. This is great!!! I do hope that you have been empowered, inspired and magnified along the way just as much as I have!!!!! Many Thanks to You!!!

Peace & Blessings,




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Believe in your Dreams


Believe in your Dreams

See it, Believe it, Achieve it!!! This mantra has so much power that it can make your dreams your reality. This is something that I not only say, it’s something that I wholeheartedly believe and it’s something that I practice to its fullest extent. Your dreams are snippets of your future destiny. They show you what is possible and what is in store for you. Your wishes become your dreams and your dreams can become your reality. The only thing required is for you to believe. One must move confidently in the directions of their dreams. One must understand that the vision given to you is your divine blueprint. Once you see it and you truly believe it your dreams are within your grasp. Just reach for them, believe in them then watch and admire how your dreams manifest and come true for you.  I reaching for mine….how about you?


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The Village

Image result for embrace village

As I think about my mother on her birthday today, I can’t help but think about her as a single parent raising a daughter to the best of her ability. I wonder who were the members of her village that stepped in to help nuture and guide me. I am so grateful for my mothers village for playing that supportive role in my life. I believe that everyone has a village to tap into. I don’t know if my mother ever realized that she had a village. But, looking back I can see that she did. This is probably why I understand the significance of having one as I fully embrace my village. Earlier this year why being a radio host on Sage Network’s “The Real with Sage Single Moms”. I had to opportunity to contibure to the Network’s blog about what it means to have a village. I want to re-share that post:

Why you need a village, How to build your village and How to nurture it.

By Sage Mentoring Moment Host – Carolyn Wilson

Over the years, I have always had people tell me about what a great job I’m doing with my children especially with my son. Instead of the normal response of thank you, I would just state it was not me but my village. I would get tickled by the amazement rather the confusion on people’s faces as a response to my statement.

Is it true, that I am the mother? Yes! Is it true, that I did not do it all alone? Yes! Is it also true that I allow my children to be exposed to certain environments and opportunities that I alone wouldn’t be able to do? Yes, Yes and Yes! But, truly I contribute it to my village, his village, her village, our village that has made everything possible for us. I like to say our village runs deep because there are so many people that have been so instrumental to us individually and collectively. Their existence has led to my children and my overall growth and our many accomplishments, academically, athletically and personally.

So, why do you need a village? Well, it’s just as that African proverb states “it takes a village to raise a child”. Because a village is there to help guide you in areas as you navigate through unchartered territory.  After all, I don’t believe any of us moms were given a manual when we had our children. Right? If your anything like me, many things were learned were either by observation or mostly by trial and error.

How do build your village? Well, you start with the people closest to you which are members of your family, other members of your village could include those who are around your child the most such as clergy, teachers, counselors, coaches, other parents and neighbors. These are the best people to have in your village as they will bring tons of insight that may be best for your child.

How do you nurture your village? The best way to nurture this extensive village is simply by embracing them. Some villagers are assigned while others you personally seek out. For example, I enrolled my kids in community service type organization to get exposure to giving back. Also, I have my children around other family units so they could see what a thriving two parent household looks like just as a couple of examples of how you seek them out. Either way be open and willing to accept the guidance and direction from those within your village as they are there for your benefit. Of course you use your own discretion about certain suggestions and guidance. But, overall if it adds value to the recipe of success then you add them to the mix.

Just think of your village like you are baking a cake. Keep in mind, a cake can’t be made with just one ingredient alone. Just like a cake, your village is not just one ingredient but a blend of resources that can be mixed and blended together to bake a sweet success for you and your child. Remember it takes a village. So acknowledge them, build them, nurture them, embrace them and your village will most definitely embrace you back.


Wow how true is that last statement that if you embrace your village they will embrace you back. I can say that because the village who is there to help me is also partially the same village that was there to help my mother. Just by knowing this I emabrace them and they embrace me in return. Always remember, you do have a village whenever you think you’ll all alone just know that your not. Look around the village is all around you.


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The Letter that Can…


Taking a look at where you are verses where you’ve been is mind blowing. When you think about all the ill fortunes and mishaps that have occurred it is astonishing that you were able to get through it. It’s amazing to be able to look back and say, “Wow, how did I get through that?” I’m pretty sure that at the time it seemed nearly impossible and no one could have told you differently. How about if you were able to go back and give advice to your younger self during that situation? What would you say?

What would I say to ME…my younger-self during such times of adversity? Well, I would start with telling myself this:

Dear Me,

I want to let you know that no matter how bad things look there is always a brighter side to every situation. As long as I keep GOD first, have faith and believe in the unseen, the impossible will be made possible. I would inform myself to learn to find a balance between what’s in my control opposed to what’s not.

Recognizing the difference makes letting go and moving on that much easier. I would also tell me to believe in myself, embrace my differences and love every aspect of myself, be fearless, have hope and never give up because I can make a difference. Because even after the gloomiest of storms know that I will shine as bright as the brightest star and life will be better and greater than what I has ever known.

With Love,


This letter to me would be very simple yet used as a that can guide me get through tough times as they come up.  If you were given the chance what would you say? What would you tell yourself to make certain you knew everything was going to be alright? What would be your “letter that can” be the best advice you could give to yourself based upon what you know now? Your letter can be so powerful. So, go ahead and take the time to think of about it and just write your younger self a letter.  You owe it you yourself! You’ll be glad that you did.

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Milestones of Gratitude

magnified milestones 1Well, what do you know we are midway through 2017 can you believe it! This is the year of new beginnings, the year of the Rooster, the year of Blessing and so many other positive attributes. I remember last year I stated that this year was going to be amazing. I could just feel it! Although, I didn’t know exactly what to truly expect I just knew it was going to be a really great year.

Today, I took a moment to think about how awesome the 3rd Annual Celebrating YOU Women’s Conference and Expo was last month. Which if you would have told me 3 years ago that this thing would become a thing I would have been like yeah right. But here we are 3 years deep and plans are already underway for year 4!!!! This had me do a recap on all that has gone on within the past 6 months of this remarkable year. Then I realized that at this mid-year point many milestones have already been accomplished. Here’s a recap of the post I put on social media earlier this month:

Moment of Gratitude: Here it is June and I am sitting here thinking about how I made up my mind last year that 2017 was going to be phenomenal. And despite many obstacles like my health and other hurdles thrown at me…i was going to make this year count. So as I sit back and Count my Blessings One by One….I am in awe about what GOD has done. I relaunched and started off the year with another successful POWER HOUR, I took on a challenge to be a co-host on a syndicated radio show with the Sage Network – The Real with Sage Single Moms, I had surgery to have a biopsy done that was successful, Based on the results I started treatment and they are going well. I finally finished my book – Magnified Thoughts (btw preorders are available), I officially became an International speaker when I spoke at a women’s conference up in Toronto, I ran the #bethevoice campaign for the month of April as it was sexual assault and child abuse awareness month raising funds for RAINN (did you get your t-shirt), I started an emerging leader program that I was selected for, I held my 3rd Annual Celebrating YOU Women’s Conference, I added a successful Expo to the conference, I will be one of the speakers at the upcoming Unlock Your Voice CIty tour in Phila alongside with R&B singer Michel’le, and I just finished and submitted my contribution as a co-author for an upcoming anthology ~ I’m Fine: A Women’s Silent Cry. I am amazed at myself like Wow Carolyn…how in the world did you do all of that. Honestly, I just decided to do it and I didn’t look back…even with all the pot-holes and rocks on this bumpy road I kept moving forward anyway. I am sooooooooo excited about every single blessing that has come my way and what is still yet to come!!!! I could have easily thought I couldn’t do any of this but with God taking the wheel and guiding my path….I know I can do all things!!!!! And for this I am extremely grateful!!!!!!! #TGBTG #GodsGotaBlessing #CountYourBlessings#SheSaidSheCouldsoSheDid #GirlonFire #MagnifyYourEssence#BeMagnified

Just reading this again gives me chills and makes me smile like a Cheshire cat. I am astonished to realize that I had actually accomplished a great deal of things thus far which honestly has me excited for the next half of the year.  All things are possible, even when it doesn’t look like it. Trust me with every obstacle that was thrown my way, I am a living testiment that God will move mountains and make things happen.

Since that post my conference was featured in an international magazine with readers from the US, Canada and UK. Whoa the blessing and milestones are flowing over in abundance and so is my gratitude. I found that if we find joy in the little things the big things will follow. I know we can all find things to complain about what’s not going right but why bother. When instead we can be ten times more grateful for all the things that have gone right.

I wanted to not only just share my mid-year milestones, but I wanted to open this celebration up to others. I wanted to ackowledge others who have also had a great deal to be proud of based upon what they have accomplished so far this year.  Well, the call was put out and the call was answered. It is my pleasure to feature three bold amazing women who were willing to share not only their person triumphs but trials encounter along the way.  As we celebrate with them, hopefully we will be inspired by them as well. Let’s hear about these remarkable ladies journey to their mid-year milestones for year 2017.


Ira Warren


Look What the Lord Has Done

I remember the song “Look what the Lord had done.” Song by Karen Wheaton. I have gone through many ups and many downs these past six months. I question my faith and my belief. Everyone around me could see God was up to something but me. I was eager to know what my purpose was in this season. I knew I had a passion to become an activist, an advocate for abused children, a minister, singer, actress and a business owner. But how was I to become in a place where everything was so unfamiliar. In January 2017, I was invited to “Bring back the Glory Now conference hosted by Juanita Bynum. I was very skeptical about going. But my sister Tiffany Love Harden encourage me to go.

I went all four days to the conference and receive a word from the Lord. He spoke to me and said it is time you step out on faith and do what you were created to do. Fear set in. I had every excuse in the world why I couldn’t step out on faith. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit began to minister to me about Moses and Abraham not entering the promise land. The Lord showed me I needed to be like Joshua and possess all that was promised to me. I needed to trust in the Lord and allow him to lead and guide me. The reason I wasn’t seeing any manifestations of blessing was because I wanted to do things my way.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I was totally out of order. I had to repent for my unbelief and my pride which eventually cause me to fall. God heard my cry the last night of “Bring Back the Glory Now conference. Apostle Dionny Baez spoke to me concerning my son that was incarcerated and God was going to release finances. Well, in January I received a phone call from a woman I met at the conference. She said that it was important that we meet before she goes back to Florida and need to meet with you now. I told her where I was located and she quickly came to where I was.

We greeted each other with a hug and she placed a check in my hand she said, you can look at it. I slowly unfold the check it was a check for $10,000 dollars. I fell to the floor and thank God for promise and the lady’s obedience. On February 3, 2017, I got word my son was going to get an advance release from prison. Since January to June I’ve been sought after by powerful women to share my testimony and be part of platforms on various subjects. I’m also a business owner and have my own organization called Molestation Epidemic which was birth March 2017. I praise God for all his promises and his faithfulness.

~ Ira

Danielle Harrell


Piecing It Back Together

When I sat down to finally write about my milestones all of my trials, issues and situations started to fill my mind. I could not think of one milestone that I wanted to celebrate. Then God started reminding me of some things that happened over the past few months.

I am truly thankful that God bought me out of time in my life where I was truly losing myself and losing everything and everyone around me. I had sank into a deep depression. He opened my eyes and gave me the strength to make a move that I had been trying to make for 2 years. Being out of that dark place and now into a new found love for myself and everything around me, I am truly happy and finally at peace with how my life is going and ready to continue the path God has set for me.

The biggest milestone that I am extremely happy about is my nonprofit organization, Virtuous Women of Success being featured in a magazine for the very first time. I have been working so hard over the years and feeling like the things that my organization was doing was going unnoticed. I wanted to shut everything down.

Leading up to the feature I started getting inboxes and emails about bringing our conference back to cities that we had already visited as well as to new cities.  As I started talking to some of my family and friends they start expressing how proud of me they were and that they see everything that I am doing with my nonprofit.

Although I don’t do it for the praise, it felt good to hear the encouragement and reassurance from the people that I care about the most. This organization is near and dear to me. It was birthed out of pain and challenges I have endured through childhood as well as adulthood.

I wanted to turn that pain into purpose and help other women heal and feel empowered to get through whatever life brings them. God is truly getting all of the glory every time we reach a woman and she is able to testify that she is triumphing over challenges that she thought she would never get over.

~ Danielle

Anita Jeter-Peterkin

anitaLiving Life to the Fullest

All I can say is Wow! Many know that my motto is “It’s a great day to be alive, so let’s live it ya’ll.”  And I mean it with all of my heart. About six months ago, I decided to not make any 2017 New Year’s resolutions and to just DO! I had realized that although, life was pretty good, I was just existing in some areas of my life.

One of those areas was my entrepreneurship.  One of the many things which dawned on me about building my business was that I was beginning to just exist within the realm of building my business.  A business which was to empower, inspire and motivate others to follow, capture and live there dreams.  Especially when life had thrown them a curve ball or two.

But, because of a curve ball that was thrown my way in 2016, it caused me to pause on following my dreams.  I had invested a lot of money and time to launch one of my initiatives and it didn’t happen the way I had intended.  But, because of that pause, I felt myself being backed into a corner of doubt and the unknown of what I should do.

Prior to the beginning of the year, I decided to supplement my income to fund my organization. I decided to invest yet again, but this time it was small investment with a Big Return on My Investment.  I started my Avon business and I felt things in my life would never be the same, because what I was searching for to build my business was right there with Avon.

At first I was a little intimidated to post on fb and even tell my family and friends that I had changed my entrepreneurship path once again.  But, the fear changed quickly because I liked the opportunities I would be able to experience from owning my Avon business.

I would be able to:  (1) Empower other women to build their own businesses or to just make some extra income. (2) Inspire women through my testimony (3) Raise funds through Avon to keep my Wrapped-N-Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Organization running. (4) To build a team and motivate them with all the incentives Avon offers to do their best in capturing and living their dreams.

Because I decided to live life to the fullest in all areas of my life, I have reached many milestones this year thus far, including being a guest on The Women’s TV Show, multiple speaking engagements, participating in vendor events which has gained my business more clients and team members.  Oh and I earned a FREE All Inclusive trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas from building my business with Avon.

What I’ve learned over the past six months is to not be afraid to adjust, make changes and persevere in my own greatness.  And most importantly, is to wake up every morning acknowledging it’s a great day to be alive and to live it to the fullest.

~ Anita

Can we say Wow, Wow and Wow!!! Ira, Danielle and Anita all have had a tremendous amount of successes so far this year even through the fear, doubt and uncertainties. However, I noticed a common theme and that is to trust the process, believe in yourself, don’t give up and have faith that God will make all things possible.

I can definitely attest to this because even in my own milestones it goes to show when you put your trust in GOD, you believe in your dreams, let go of your fears and you believe in yourself you allow others to see what GOD shines through. Collectively, we have created milestones of gratitude to remind us just how far we have come. I am so thankful to these three bold women. They have not only had great milestones they were Magnified Milestones that will lead to them to having the best year ever. After celebrating with them so will all of you. Because if we can learn anything from their mid-year milestones is that if they can do it so can you!  If you have a milestone, we want to share this moment with you, by all mean do share give gratitude to your milestones and make them Magnified!


For additonal information about Ira, Daniele, Anita or their organizations please visit:

Ira Warren – Molestation Epidemic – E: Ph: 267-530-9611

(Ira Warren is an ordain minister, actress, poet, singer, author and is the CEO of Molestation Epidemic.  The native Texan now resided in Philadelphia, Pa with her husband John Warren. Her passion is to server and to bring awareness of child molestation to her community”. Her motto is overcome to become.)


Danielle Harrell – Virtuous Women of Success – E:
Ph: 404-663-2462 / Web:

(Danielle Harrell is a native of West Palm Beach, Fl and resides in Atlanta, GA with her 15 year old only child Kelvin. Danielle birthed Virtuous Women of Success a non-profit organization she started to help empower, heal, inspire and uplift other women. She uses her platform to show women that they can get through anything in life and be all that God wants them to be. Danielle’s first book “Finding Beauty in Brokenness” will be released later this year.)


Anita Jeter-Peterkin – Wrapped in Pink – E:
Ph: 856-383-2866 / Web:  &

(Anita Jeter-Peterkin, author, speaker, Avon business owner and Founder of the Wrapped-N-Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Organization and Empower2Produce LLC. Her passion and purpose in life is to empower, inspire and motivate others to follow, capture and live their dreams, even when life throws them a curveball or two.)










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When in Doubt…Do it Anyway


It is often that we doubt ourselves about what we think we can do. We take this doubt and convince ourselves what we think we can’t accomplish.  This doubt cripples us and prevents us from being our greater selves. We cheat ourselves out of knowing what we could potentially achieve. This thing called doubt is fueled by our fears. Our fears are only what we believe. Our fears can only exist if we allow them too. When we allow our fears to take up residence in our core, it becomes the breeding ground for our doubts.

In order to circumvent this thing called doubt, one must learn to simply become fearless. When fear no longer becomes a factor you start to believe, you start to see yourself achieving what you once thought was impossible. You start doing the things that you actually can do. When this occurs the sky is the limit. Whenever there is something you think you can’t do you…do it anyway. You’d be surprise by the outcome.

Take for instance, this picture of me was taken last month while I was speaking in Canada. Never in a million years would I have ever thought that I would have been chosen to be one of 30+ dynamic speakers to speak at this conference. Truth be told, I almost didn’t submit my packet to speak because at first I didn’t think it was possible for me to be on that level yet alone as good as the other women that was previously selected.

I had convinced myself, that I couldn’t speak on that level to present on an international platform. Yes, doubt can still creep up even on the best of us including me. But, no sooner than I thought that I couldn’t, I changed the way I thought about myself, my ability, my doubt, and my fear.  So, I decided to do it anyway…submit the package and the rest is history.

Not only was I was selected but I conquered my fear and doubts. I was able to spread my message to a group of women in another country. Can we say Wow!! Even though somethings didn’t go exactly the way I imagined at least I did it and now I can say that I am an international speaker. J  Just think if I had let doubt take over, I would have missed out on this amazing opportunity.

So when you can do what I did by ignoring your doubts, you set the ground work to be able to do it again and again and again. Keep in mind, whatever it is you truly want…believe it is in your reach! Follow your heart and remember when in doubt…just do it anyway!!!  You’ll be glad that you did!!!!

Photo credit: DivaGirl Toronto – Spirit Stock – Photo of Carolyn Wilson

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The Voice that Speaks

voice speaks

So what is the voice that speaks?  Well, it’s when someone finds their voice, they are able to use it boldly and proudly, then allow it to speak to others.  When this happens others are able to find their own voice that also speaks. Thus creating a continuum of voices that matter. The voice can be anything from owning your own confidence, to speaking your own truth. Each individual has a unique voice that tells the story about them. But, for some reason we have not allowed our voices to be heard leaving our untold stories behind.

This past month has been very interesting for me as I embarked on a few new adventures that allowed me to share my voice, my story. For starters, with April being Child Abuse & Sexual Assault Awareness Month I decided to create the #BetheVoice campaign to raise awareness about these sensitive topics.  This month I shared my story about me receiving chemo to treat a rare disorder I have developed. I also had an opportunity to speak to a group of women in Canada about the power of positive thinking. My thought, boldness and intent behind all of this was that by telling my story I would give someone the courage to tell theirs and to inspire someone to stay positive no matter what.

I noticed that these weren’t the only times I was able to use my voice. Throughout the month, I encountered many women who were dealing with something that had stifled their voice. One young lady in particular was dealing with her own self-worth. We talked extensively about the power of loving oneself and owning that space. As she heard my story, it spoke to her and you could see her own transformation as we talked and she realized the power she had within. What a beautiful sight to see when someone finds their own power and finds their own voice.

So this month has truly taught me to continue along my journey of self-discovery and to share my story. My story could be the exactly story that speaks to someone. Someone who has been waiting for this story to help them on their own journey. I truly wish for others to be like the young lady I encountered to be able to find their voice, to discover their power within and to be the voice that sets them free and speaks to us all.