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God Truly Has A Plan For YOU!

May be an image of one or more people and text that says '"For I know the plans I have for you." declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~Jeremiah 29:11~'

Remember: God truly has a plan for you!

I remember when I had a problem with this scripture. I thought yeah right I was harmed because all these bad and unmentionable things happen to me. I can admit I struggled with this.

It wasn’t until I went to a retreat for incest survivors so I could intentionally put in the work to heal from this past trauma and pain that I no longer wanted to feel or experience.

One of the workshops that got my attention was a spirituality workshop and remember we were prompted to dwell and write about this question: “In a perfect world my higher power would tell me that I am…..”

Well, I clearly remember having a problem with this question for many reasons. One it was allowing me to admit that my world wasn’t perfect. And that my higher power didn’t think highly of me. (I know no one is perfect but in God’s eyes we are because we are perfectly and wonderfully made)

I remember writing down Jer 29:11 and truly breaking this down that no I have not been harmed and yes God does have a plan for me to give me hope and a future.

And because of this, According to this i am already living in a perfect world God has destined for me. He is protecting me, guiding me and allowing me to prosper.

I remember we all had to share what we thought what we thought our life would look like if we were in a perfect world. And, everyone that answered gave a statement of already being defeated without an ounce of hope.

That day another spark ignited in me to refuse to think otherwise and to allow my circumstances to continue to dictate my outcome. I believed and claimed in that moment that my life was full hope, desires, dreams and prosperity that my higher power promised me. I had a fearless moment and used my voice in a might, bold and powerful way.

I remember there was an immediate shift in the atmosphere that was full of hope and light. Many in that room that day had a different perspective on how they choice to see their life. I remember one of the girls told me afterwards that normally she tunes people out and didn’t hear what anyone else had to say. But for some reason she heard me. And, she heard me in a way that she never heard anyone before.

Now remember, this was years ago before everything you see now and what is yet to come. Just know it was a process, it was a choice, and it was a belief that I could, I can and I will do all things though Him that strengthens me!
I share this with you because there may be times when you don’t see the light of day or may be frustrated with some areas of your life. Just know it’s all part of God’s plan as promised in hi word all we have to do is just Trust the Process!

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Choosing To Lose More Than Just The Weight On The Scale During My Weight Loss Journey.

'"Remember the weight that you try to lose on your journey is more than the pounds you shed, it's about the burdens that you no longer wish to carry." xoxo Carolyn  #MagnifyYourEssence #MagnifiedThoughts #TheGoodLife'

Lessons learned along this journey is that it’s more than just the weight on the scale that gets removed!

This picture was one month into my weightloss journey back in 2019. I had lost 10lbs and boy was I excited. I was getting used to the new me that was developing right before my eyes. I couldn’t believe this was me again. Although this was happening, i had to stay true to my why i wanted to lose the weight.

I had spent years working on my mind and soul to Magnify My Essence but not so much on my body because I had carried so much weight for such a long time due to medication, stress from past trauma and life in general especially as a single mom juggling work, home, life balance or at least trying too. I’m pretty sure somebody out there can relate to this or am I the only one?

So after losing those pounds when I looked in the mirror I almost didn’t recognize myself in these clothes that actually fit. How about that. No more big baggy oversized everything. You mean there was a body underneath all of that. I was making progress, losing weight and it felt oh so good!

My clothes fit differently. I could move differently like actually walk up a flight of stairs including running up the infamous rocky steps in Philadelphia. No kidding I really had trouble walking up and down stairs due to excessive inflammation in my body (I’ll save that for another post).

Philadelphia Rocky Statue

Those first 10lbs really set the foundation to lose a total of 70lbs in the process even in a pandemic. Woah! While other people were gaining I was still losing. Why? Well, it was because of the real progress that you couldn’t see. The excuses and all the things that kept me from losing weight in the past no longer existed.

I was able to tap into something that actually worked to align my mind, body and soul. I mean I’ve done alot of the work on myself already. Now it was time to apply it in a very different and unique way. And, guess what it has made all the difference in the world.

So trust me when I say the weight that you lose is about releasing all the weight that you carried to exist no more! Its really about removing the residue of the weight and burdens you no longer wish to carry.

So before I became an expert on Dr Oz, before there was Woman’s World Magazine, before any other news outlets about my transformation. There was me simply making a choice to make a difference for me. What a life changer.

Just know there is more to losing weight than what shows up on the scale.

If you are ready to embark on your own weight loss journey total mind, body and soul, then I’d truly love to show you how you can lose more than just the weight IF done right! Time to lose the weight and the burdens for good and don’t look back!

		IF Done Right! Boot Camp (4 Week Program) image
Women’s World Magazine

Join me in a 4 week program – IF Done Right Boot Camp while I show you exactly what I did during my weight loss journey. Let my milestones become milestones of your very own. Hope to see you!

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The Art of Loving ME

When you look at this picture what’s the first thing that comes to mind? What is the image that you see? What message does it leave you with? Hold onto that thought while I tell you what I see. When I look at this picture all I see is a work of art. I see a masterpiece that has taken sometime to create. 

I see beauty, strength, dignity, grace and poise. I see a stance of confidence, boldness, fearlessness and limitlessness. I see determination, discipline, diligence and control. I see value. I see worth. I see a colorfulness that’s priceless. I see something that’s delicate, dainty, feminine and yet sexy. I see love. I see light. I see peace!

I see all these things and more when I gaze upon this one of a kind piece of art. Afterall, there’s a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Those who have studied any form of art know that art is a form of expression. Therefore, when you look at a piece it has a vast story to tell and it’s more than what meets the eye.  

The perception of a picture at first glance can initially be deceiving. And, unfortunately the meaning behind the picture becomes either ignored, devalued or devised. So let me ask you…what story did you perceive when you first looked at this picture? Did it match the narrative of what I described? 

Probably not, because we only see the surface of a portrait but not the intent. It’s not until one takes time to look deeply and decipher what the artist is portraying is when you will get the true essence of the message. It’s just like the saying never judge a book by it’s cover. You have to dig in to get the whole story.

Well, I can tell you first hand about the story behind this picture because the artist and the subject are one in the same and it is ME. 

For many seasons, I have struggled with my own body image for a multitude of reasons from being underweight, being overweight, having scoliosis, not having the “perfect body” etc. Because of this I had trouble with how I saw and thought about myself.

Sometimes great, other times not so great. Either way I showed up in the world not realizing or understanding the masterpiece that God had already created in ME. Along without knowing the real intrinsic value that I already possessed. 

Over the years, I’ve had many defining moments and a lot of self work that allowed me to take on some of the characteristics that I now see. And, I’ve had other moments that stripped me away from who I truly was meant to be. 

Each time my identity was taken from me by way of either the effects of sexual child abuse, domestic violence or any other form of cohersed control used to diminish my light, stripped away at my core and attempted to erase who I was innately destined to become.  

Not to mention, this conditioning allowed me to cover myself with an image that I believed other people wanted to see. One that was perceived as perfect and put together. When in actuality I didn’t even know the image that was staring back at me.  

It wasn’t until I began to embrace every powerful aspect of my life and discover just how valuable I truly am. Understanding God’s infinite plan for me was key. Despite what other people thought or better yet what I thought they thought. The moments I started to regain my power over the things I could control and allowed God to take care of the rest is when I shifted my own perspective and reality. 

Once I was able to do that, I started to understand and reconnect to my amazing true self. To tap into the essence and core of who and whose I truly was. Not only to just embrace it but to increase it and to Magnify it. 

This boldness has granted me permission to break free, create a new narrative, sketch a pristine picture and allow my light to shine brightly everywhere I go unapologetically and authentically. Reclaiming this piece of ME is like finding the lost treasured artwork of Van Gogh.  

So let me ask you…what part of you needs to be set free? What lost treasure inside of you needs to be found? I ask you these questions because whether you know it or not. The power all lies within you to confidently move in the direction of loving all of who you are!   

I learned in order to be free one must align all three elements of self – mind, body and soul. This has permitted me to lean beyond my own understanding and into all of my feminine power of self-love as the greatest love of all to the fullest. 

I can say I love this Magnified Essence of a reflection that now stares back! I love this magnificent light within that shines bright! I love this priceless masterpiece with a divine message on display for the world to see! I have an appreciation for the Art of Loving all of who I am and destined to be! I love that God is the ultimate curator orchestrating one of his most prized possessions.  

So when I gaze upon this picture once again I see the subject being elevated to new heights guided by light. I see the strength it takes to hold on and I see the power it takes to let go to be free. I see this Magnified Essence. I see she is owing and loving her unique power. I love that this is ME!

Now after understanding the intent behind this did your perspective change? Did you still see it as you first did? What’s the difference and what did you learn about you? Not me, but you! So as you read this, did you think about a picture that you saw of yourself? If not, think about it. What does your picture look like? Did it accurately reflect the image that you and other people see, or not? Do you love the masterpiece that God has created within you?  

All great questions that only you can truly answer. When you learn how to love your power, embrace every part of you, push beyond your limits and eloquently paint a beautiful picture that displays how truly amazing you really are it is then you can know and love all of you. Remember, no matter what the picture looks like just know that it is a valuable piece of art that you should Love!   

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Blessings with Your Name on It….Be Ready

Image may contain: phone and screen

Light Lessons: God’s still got a blessing with your Name on it!

Last year when I traveled to Detroit on a budget may I add, I sacrificed and treated myself to a car service. Not an Uber, not a Lyft, not a cab, not a shared ride but a premium car service.

Yes, I ordered a premium black car service to pick me and my precious cargo up. I did it because provisions were made for me to do so.

I did it because I put myself where I see myself, I did it because I know I am worthy of such, I did it because I deserved it, and I did it because I believed that I could therefore I did!

Because I did, I had a personal escort tracking every movement of my journey awaiting my arrival to guide me to my next destination. How cool to have this type of experience. I was really really excited.

When I landed, I received a call from my driver letting me know that he was there. He was waiting for me at baggage claim with a sign with my name on it seeking only me.

So, how is it that I didn’t see him even though he was literally right in front of me. How many times have your been to the airport and seen what I am describing with someone else’s name on it?

Plenty of times right. I know I have wishing it was me. And, now that it had my own name it I didn’t even see it.

So, how did that happen? I’ll tell you why…because I tried to pick up and carry my own baggage that’s how.

You see, we can envision something, make it our reality, be more than ready and prepared for the elevation, take chances, and take necessary risk to get to that next level in what we seek.

Basically, we are all in open for the newness and ready to go.

We acknowledge a way has been made for us and we have done the work. And, yet we can still miss the sign along with the guide standing right in front of us to get us there.

We often unintentionally, out of habit revert back to our old norm and way of thinking in those unfamiliar moments as it’s presented to us.

When things are moving and progressing forward we often step backwards. By doing this either consciously or subconsciously, we end up missing the mark laid out for us.

Just like I did at the airport, even though I knew I had ordered a car, I knew the driver was waiting for me, I knew I didn’t have anything to do but just show up.

And yet, what did I do look to grab my baggage and for the nearest exit to get on my merry little way trying to figure out how to get to where I need to be like I’ve always done.

Because, this experience was so new and unknown I completely miss it. Luckily, for me my driver kept calling my name so I could be found.

What that did was bring me back to my new reality that I had a premium black car service waiting for me with a personal escort, with a sign with my name on it to carry my baggage and guide me and my precious cargo to my next destination.

Just like that, I was brought back to the moment I worked so hard for and deserved to experience. I was then able to accept my new norm release the old way of thinking, relinquish control of carrying my baggage, sit back and simply enjoy the ride.

Once I returned to that state of mind and being. All things in Detroit became a complete blessing with my name on it!

So, what mark have you missed? What sign with your name on it have you walked right past? What baggage have you claimed when you shouldn’t have? When have you ignored your name being called? When is the last time you allowed yourself to embrace the newness and enjoy the ride?

All valid questions. Just know it happens to us all and that there’s a blessing with your name on it. All that’s required is that you just have to accept it as your new norm, meet it where it’s at and just rock with it!  

Love to hear your realized blessings with your name on it!  If your ready to make a shift with mind, body, spirit let me work with you so next time you won’t miss the sign with your blessing written just for you.

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Introducing the 2020 CYWC – Sister’s Choice Award Nominee – 24 hrs to Vote! Today Only!

You told us about some phenomenal women doing some extraordinary things and this year we narrowed it down to these Eight Extraordinary Women for the Kickoff.

Now it’s time to show some love and cast your vote for one of these deserving Sisters. Voting opens for 1 day only on Saturday, June 27, 2020. You will have 24 hrs to cast your vote. The sister with the most votes will be announced at the 6th Annual Celebrating YOU Women’s Virtually YOU Conference kickoff event on Sunday, June 28th as the recipient of the 2020 CYWC – Sister’s Choice Award. The full conference will be held in September

Drum Roll Please!!!

Honored to Introduce the 2020 CYWC – Sister’s Choice Award Nominee’s.     

sister choice flyer

 sca rhondaRhonda Gore

She serves me as my administrator, without complaining. One morning she found her son dead on her living room floor killed. Inspite of that her heart was broken but she never stop serving. She never quit,stop or think about herself others come before herself. She put God above all others.  Vote for Rhonda


sca zakiyahZakiyah Caldwell

Zakiyah Caldwell is a Philadelphia native and international photographer who began her journey in 2010. Since then she’s participated in a number of projects and collaborations with the likes of Saks 5th Avenue Salon & Spa, Mr. Nice Tie by NBA Star Chris Bosh, Diva Curves by Actor Sayed Badreya, Actor Leon, Singer Kefia Rollerson, plus fashion industry legend Gwen Devoe and Grammy nominated songstress Anita Wilson. Kia also won the 2018-2019 Full Figured Industry Awards Best Female Photographer. Kia has photographed a variety of published magazine covers and has had work seen in a variety of magazines such as Philadelphia, Philadelphia Wedding, Cole in Norway, Plus Model, Elle’ments, Fabuplus, Queen Size and BTFL, as well as produced 7 different covers for POSE Magazine. While her love and talent for photography runs deep she is also very passionate about helping the homeless community through her Kia Cares organization. Vote for Zakiyah 


sca dr bonita

Dr. Bonita Senior

Dr. Bonita Senior is a “Sister of Inspiration”. Her book tour of her life’s journey “From Doomed to Doctor” is phenomenal. She shares with others her difficult days of struggling through tyranny family abuse, physical abuse, drug addiction, and financial distress while raising two young boys to accomplished young men. She has been able to gain and maintain a successful life style at this point of her journey. Also, she has created her own self love curriculum through her foundation of “Joy University”. Vote for Dr. Bonita


sca chereseCherese Akers

Cherese is a devoted leader in her community in so many aspects. She is deeply committed to the growth and positive development of every population she serves; especially our youth and the pregnancy and infant loss community. She is the founder of a non-profit mentoring program called We Heard You which is geared toward young males. She is the Vice President of Pleasant Playgrounds Advisory Council, she serves on the board of (EMAN) East Mt. Airy Neighbors and the board for the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus Foundation. Cherese has overcome delivering her first child stillborn back in 2007. Through her tragedy she founded a foundation called Still I Birthed which provides resources to bereaved families who’ve experienced pregnancy or infant loss. She utilizes her platform to bring awareness through speaking at various events sharing her testimony, she orchestrated an annual Walk of Remembrance, created a online support group for women and men worldwide, and she has also written a book which provides personal accounts, viable resources, and it shares her story of how she overcame this tragic life event. Cherese is a phenomenal person. Vote for Cherese


sca christine

Christine Brunson

Christine Joy Brunson, MSW, LSW, founder of Purple House Project PA Inc.,Purple House Project, PA is a Delaware County based non-profit organization focused on supporting women who experience intimate partner violence. The mission of Purple House Project PA is to strengthen, empower, and transition women impacted by intimate partner violence via connection to essential resources that aid in the healing process. Since establishing Purple House Project PA, Inc., Christine has continually made a positive impact on the community by creating and participating in various 2018 the National Congress of Black Women Delaware County Chapter recognized Christine for her advocacy. Additionally, Christine was awarded the 2020 Philly Mayor Hero Award. Christine is deeply committed to her passion and community. Christine’s ultimate goal is to create a “Joysource”—essentially a safe place where women can experience everlasting healing. Vote for Christine


sca yolonda

Yolonda Johnson Young

After attending the Hayti Heritage Film Festival, viewing Finding Elijah the movie and seeing the way it moved the audience and spoke directly to some of its viewers who previously felt invisible, I knew my friend was changing lives in a major way…Especially hers. Yolonda is my closest friend for over 40 years, In that time she has truly weathered a multitude of tumultuous storms. During those storms Yolonda began to create an umbrella with the framework: made of knowledge, earned graduating from college a member of the NHS and completing other creative and educational programs. The covering: made of determination, courage and pure heart. Being her closest friend, i remember times when Yolonda felt invisible. Seeing her become a voice for others, through her pain, has been one of the most profound moments in my life. She’s humble and unassuming, yet her courage alone is deserving of unyielding commendation. Vote for Yolonda


sca lauryn

Lauren Byrd

Lauren has such a beautiful spirit. She has overcome so many obstacles and uses her testimony to empower others. Lauren is a Daughter of the King, Mom, Author, Entrepreneur, and Speaker. Lauren supports all through her clothing brand building others up from the message on her apparel. I personally have experienced the empowerment from reading her message on the clothes. I purchased a Kingdom Woman sweatshirt and I read this message everyday to myself when I was going through a difficult time in my life. She has an amazing story and I love when she empowers others through her book “CROWNED”. This year I nominate this virtuous woman Lauren Byrd to be a nominee for the Sister’s Choice Award. Vote for Lauren


sca dr berthaDr Bertha Williams McCants

Dr Bertha Williams McCants affectionately known as Dr B should be nominated for this award because of her body of work in the field of education. Dr B started as classroom teacher and advanced her way up the career ladder in education. She would hold one of the highest positions as a Superintendent in a district. After that leadership position, Dr B created herself successfully in a new market to earn 6 figures in a short amount of time. Then, went on to create a Consulting Business that reached back to impart her leadership & expertise on the field of education in order to pay it forward to other teachers with impact on students and learning. In her consulting she now has transitioned to serve a plethora of individuals to teach them trade secrets of business development. Vote for Dr. Bertha


sca iraIra Warren

I would definitely like to nominate Ira Warren. She has been through so much adversity in her life but still sees a way to persevere. She was molested by her dad as a child. She also had a baby by him. She lost a child while pregnant due to abuse. She has also been raped, abused and taken advantage of by others in her life. No matter what she has gone through in her life, she still continues to move forward. She now uses her story as a platform to help others. She works with kids in school. She’s also a motivational speaker. She asked to come to different places to share her story. She shares her experience, strength and hope with others in order to help people who may have gone through some of the same harsh situations that she has been through. Ira is overall a great person. She really cares about people and she lets it show in all that she does. Vote for Ira


sca - danielleDanielle Glover Smith

My wife has overcame so much in her short 30 years of life. After being molested at the age of 11 and having drug addicted parents she became homeless while pregnant with her 1st son at only 19 years old. She had to drop out of college and start working to provide for him. After meeting me and getting married she chose to sacrifice her career again to raise our family. Now with 5 children my wife has started a business and is walking in her purpose. Vote for Danielle


sca tyTyshanique Hamilton

Tyshanique Hamilton better known as Ty has overcome mental physical and sexual abuse. She had to deal with not loving herself thinking she was unworthy and has done things in her life that now with standing on GODS word she has overcome and is a best selling author inspirational & motivational speaker with multiple businesses. She’s Ty child of God! Vote for Ty


sca dr carolyn whiteDr. Carolyn White-Washington

Dr. Carolyn White-Washington is an advocate for women and girls empowerment, community engagement strategist, and author. Through her inspirational outreach, podcast, and over 500 motivational meetings for women and girls, she has helped to transform the hearts of thousands. Carolyn is the Founder and Executive Director of Sisters4Sisters, Inc., a 501©3 non-profit organization, founded in 1999, which is dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls in mind, body, and spirit. Carolyn is the CEO of Sweet Caroline Communications and WIN- Women Inspired News. I have been working with her for the past 5 years as an Ambassador for Handbags of Hope Across America and Let the Church Say Amen to End Domestic Violence. Vote for Dr. Carolyn


sca melissaMelissa Aidukas

Melissa is a huge visionary in everything that she does. One of her companies is MetWalk. Over this COVID-19 she has made it her mission to connect and support as many business owners as she can with her Coffee Connect Networking campaign. She was able to sign up 52 people in 10 days to begin this program in April… to date Melissa now has around 100 business owners signed up ready to make great connections. In this time and day we have to think outside of the box and Melissa has definitely mastered that. Her Coffee Connect events will go up until July 2020 at the moment. Vote for Melissa


sca aniyahAniyah Ayres

Aniyah is a teenager doing phenomenal things for the Philadelphia communities! She’s a Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Community Activist. She created a way to help feed the hungry students by establishing a food pantry at her school. During the recent quarantine, Aniyah has successfully provided supplies to the local communities and hot lunches to essential workers. Aniyah is the epitome of a phenomenal young woman.  Vote for Aniyah

So, who’s it going to be? Who’s your Choice?

1 day only – 24 hrs to cast your Vote

Voting closes Saturday, June 27, 2020 @ 11:59 pm est 

Join us on Sunday June 28, 2020 at the 6th Annual Celebrating YOU Women’s Conference & Expo – Virtually YOU Kickoff –

to see who will be the recipient of the 2020 CYWC – Sister’s Choice Award!   

Register today!




Show Up Anyway

mye institute long logo (2)
Have you ever heard of when preparedness meets opportunity or within divine timing? Well, I can say both of these statements are so true. Years ago I wanted to start an online school but was unsuccessful with getting it started. I did my research but couldn’t find the right way to get it started.
At the beginning of the pandemic, I packed up some items from my desk and came across a notebook where I had sketched a logo I imagined for my online school. I remember looking at it and thinking oh yeah I remember I wanted to start an online school but quickly dismissed it and put the book down then left.
Over the weekend, I couldn’t stop thinking about that logo like it was speaking to me that your time is now. That next week, I went back into the office to grab a few more items and this time I grabbed this book. A couple weeks later I created a logo and thought i’m ready to build this school and the universe heard me.
I put it down and didn’t come back to it until I saw a post on Facebook. The post was about how to build an online school! I couldn’t believe my eyes. This is exactly what I needed and at the right time. I recognized it as an opportunity to get this school done. I remember jumping on the live explaining the school that was starting in a few days. I looked at the price and thought hmm I don’t have that right now. But, I quickly found a way to make it happen because I believe this was my green light to move forward.
Because of this, I buckled down one night. Yes, in one night I built my school MYE Institute and a course to release immediately. Since creating this course, all doubt has been removed about what can be done. I did it! As soon as I released it that day, I had an immediate return on my time invested as I received my first sale for my course “How to Lose Your Quarantine 15”, which teaches how to lose the weight gained while under quarantine
Wow! Talk about amazing! I am so thankful to God for placing this in my spirit and allowing divine intervention to manifest. So, preparedness met opportunity by way of a course entitled “How to build your online school”. I can proudly say I have an online school simply because I decided to show up anyway! What shift are you making during covid to show up anyway today that will may your tomorrow that much better? Remember, don’t dismiss opportunities, do not doubt your ideas and confidently show up anyway!
For more information check out:

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Your Story is More Powerful Than You Know

Image may contain: text

As we end the month of April, I would be re-missed not to do a post about the significance of month.  April has been deemed Sexual Assault & Child Abuse Awareness month to bring an understanding about this violation that occurs globally that is connected to everyone in some form or fashion. We all know someone who this has happen too or it could even be you. All the statistics mention 1 in 4 girls and 1 and 5 boys have been impacted. In my personal opinion, I believe it happens to more than what people wish to confess.

I know for many years I carried the shame and guilt of being molested by my father deep within. I also hide being sexually assaulted, violated or having inappropriately encounters by family, friends and even strangers. This definitely takes a toll on your identity and your self worth. You learn to hide behind your story and become powerless behind it thus taking on an new identity that is unrecognizable to many including yourself.

I can admit that this is how I felt for many many many years. Notice I said many years. But, in the fullness of time there came a point where it’s time to release the shame, relinquish the burden, and reconnect to my God given power! Years ago, I did just that during this special month to reclaim who I was meant to be and position myself towards my purpose.

In April of 2014 I started this blog, this simple little blog to share my thoughts, to share my truths and share my power. Little did I know how powerful this would truly be. In the midst, of me being more comfortable with my story and the power that ignited from it began to spark within others. It started others to recognize their own truth and be able to give themselves permission to finally tell their truth. I am filled with so much joy when another person can truly begin the journey into finding their own power.  I have so many to share over the years that are meaningful and purposeful but today I would like to share just one.

Today, a young lady shared with me that knowing my story gave her the power and courage to finally share hers which she did on this day. I am so honored that she gave me permission to share her power with you! This is what she said:

“Today is the end of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. I’m a survivor. Wow! The first time it happened I was 14 years old on my way to school. It was a stranger. 40 years ago! Can I keep it real with you and tell you it is still extremely difficult to share. When I play it back in my head, it was one of the most terrifying days of my life’ I can still see it like it was yesterday. I thought I was going to die. I fought for my life that day. I cried out to God to save me. I will never forget the rapist said, “I’m your God now”.
For many years, At first I couldn’t understand why God let this happen to me. I carried the guilt, shame, and Blame for being raped. In my mind it was my fault. If I would have just followed my mother’s instructions to a tee. I carried the guilt of the hurt and shame I believed I brought to my family. I remember the rape kit at the hospital, being connected to a lie detector test at the police station and looking through books full of mug shots. I remember I had just gotten a brand new coat and shoes before this happened. I never got my coat back. They kept if for evidence. I really did LOVE that coat.
The effects of being raped stay with you for a lifetime. It affects victims in different ways. For me, after being raped a second time, I was convinced that was all I was worth. I believed there was something wrong with me. Men wanted to rape me but nobody wanted to love me. So I became extremely promiscuous.
I share this not for your pity or for attention but because God spared my life so I can tell my story. So I can let some woman or girl know that it was not her fault and to beg her to please talk to someone. Don’t let someone steal your life. We may never forget but we can heal and go on to live life free of anger, guilt, and shame.” ~ Yolanda

Wow! all I can say is that I am so proud of her for having the courage to release what she has been holding on to for so long for the first time. It’s a start and the beginning towards over her stepping into her power! Ok, so now you see exactly how Powerful your story not only is to yourself but to others.

This is the message I want to release to everyone reading this whether it is today, tomorrow or sometime in the future. Own your story, embrace your story, release your story. You have the power within and it’s time to give yourself permission to know that your story is powerful, your truth matters, and the purpose behind your pain has now become your oyster if you let it! Simply because when you give yourself permission to tell your story, it helps someone else the power to tell theirs!

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Message to My Younger Self

message to younger self (1)Singing “today is a special day not just any day” as it is my anniversary. Not based off of a wedding, a job, or an organization, but stemming from my calling and my mission. It so happens that 6 years ago on April 18th I released this little thing I called  my “little chia pet” blog named Magnify Your Essence. My very first post was entitled “If Not Now, Then When”. I was so nervous about releasing this into the atmosphere as I thought who am I kidding who is going to read this. But I did it anyway, I shared my writing with a few family, friends and co-workers who encouraged me to keep going.

When I first released this blog, I remained anonymous for months because I wasn’t confident in what I was releasing as I didn’t see the value in it, in myself or why I was even doing it in the first place. But, deep down I knew this is something that I just had to do for myself. It gave me an outlet to process and make sense of my feelings and my thoughts.

I was so surprised that people immediately took an interest in my blog from around the globe. And, to be honest that was extremely frightening. I start sharing more intimate details about my life, my past trauma and my past abuse all under the guise of anonymity. As my blog still had no name, not even a face as to who the author or creator was. Then one day several months later I decided to put a name and face to this mystery blogger for the whole world to see.

This was the leap I needed to no longer be ashamed and hide behind my pain and my healing. These were all steps made towards my growth and learning, understanding and embracing my own worth. Worth is something that you are taught. Worth is a lesson plan prepared for you by your parents that should be etched in your existence for eternity. But the problem is even with the guidance from our parents we still might not get it. Especially, when you have experienced some form of trauma or abuse as a child the guidance becomes non existent.

Knowing your worth allows you to show the world how to see you. When you don’t know your worth you are not displaying who you truly are. This is a very important lesson that gets missed by many young and old alike. It’s just like being absent from school the day the lesson on love and relationships were discussed. This scenario reminds me exactly like in the intro from the album Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (great album by the way).

This unlearned lesson all ties to knowing and understanding your value and your worth. When we don’t know this, it causes us to doubt ourselves, it causes us to not believe in anything we do regardless of how much we try to pretend that it doesn’t matter. It can cause you to make poor life decisions leaving you open to further brokenness.

The fact is that it truly does matter. Knowing your worth gives you confidence to know that you can do all things. It allows you to know and understand boundaries you set for yourself and for others. It allows you to show up in a way that shows a distinct difference which sets you apart from the rest.

In essence, knowing your value thus knowing your worth is an extremely important asset that you can possess. Recently, this was heavy on my heart to reconnect with what I have come to discover as my worth which was recognizing that my worth is my intrinsic valuable. But unfortunately, my younger self was not privy to this information hence the many years and layers of brokenness that had to be removed and repaired.

This made me ponder on how many other young girls, even women, who missed out on this precious lesson as well. So, knowing what I know now I wanted to share a message to my younger self as a reminder that I matter with the hopes that this would inspire someone to recognized that they mattered too. So, I put a call out for other women who are also walking in their authority, who also know their worth to join me by sending a message to their younger self to share with the world. And, this is what we all had to say:

Wow, thank you so much ladies for answering the call. As we can see they all have learned to know and understand their value and worth. I must say that all of their essence has definitely been magnified. This is making my heart filled with joy as I continue to sing it’s my anniversary. This is such a wonderful way to celebrate by doing what I have been called to do, to share as I learn and to allow others to share their growth as well.

So now the question to you is, “what is your worth?” that you would tell your younger self. And, if you are younger after reading this and the example from these amazing women what is your worth and what would be the message you wish to give to your older self based on the lessons we all shared?  By all means, do share your message we all would like to know because class is now in session. Your name is being called make it a point to no longer be absent. You owe it to yourself!


Assignment – What is your Message?



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Do it Anyway

Greetings Dear Friends!

In the midst of all this Convid-19 crisis, many events including mine has been either cancelled or postponed to a future date. Well, I am happy to announce that the show will still go on…virtually that is.

The virtual screening will take place today 3/21 @ 2pm est followed by a brief discussion so clear at least an 1 – 1 1/2 hour off your schedule tomorrow to attend.

Please use the following link to register to secure your space. Upon registration you will receive an email tomorrow with a secure access (one per registration) to view the screening.


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This is the message I posted yesterday because in the times of social distancing and uncertainty. I wanted to create a space for us to get together to meet, have something meaningful to do, and engage in something positive. As much as many of us are loners by choice it’s a different thing when you no longer have a choice.  So as this first full week of dealing with this Coronavirus has set in and our weekend and daily plans have been abruptly interrupted worldwide. This bothered me that we all are no longer able to do the things we enjoy. This bothered me to the point of getting this thought of saying hmmm how about we do it anyway. And once I had that thought it was a done deal. I put this all together just for you. I truly wanted us to have a social experience despite what is going on all around us.

I’m really excited to do this and share my work with you all across the globe. There’s no time like the present and truly time to live The GOOD LIFE!



Don’t forget to register to get your access code to join us today at 2pm est –


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Image result for statistics of girls without fathers

With the untimely death of Kobe and Gigi Bryant, it has crushed many of our hearts to hear of such tragic news. The most prominent thing that has come out of all of this is the positive image and relationships between girls and their dads. When you see all the pictures and interaction with Kobe and his daughter it truly makes your heart melt.

This love and affection has always been there but just never put in the spotlight. Now you see millions of other fathers and daughters especially fathers and daughters of color displaying this #girldad love.

Girls who have fathers in their lives and whose fathers show them love, respect and affection has a positive impact on these girls. I see the confidence in these girls, i see the boldness in these girls, i see the respect these girls have for themselves and how they demand the world to see them. After all the are a #girldad.

I also see the pride in the fathers who can publicly display their adoration for their daughters. I can see the gleam in their eyes when they talk about their daughters, I can see the protectiveness they have over their daughters, I can see the respect and value they have for their daughters. Afterall, they are a #girldad.

Now according to statistics, 1 in 4 children grow up fatherless. If were to assume fifty percent of these children are girls then that could possibly mean for every #girldad there is a #girlessdad. Take it from me i am a #girlessdad. My dad chose not to devalue me, my dad chose to not respect me, my dad chose to show me love and affection by molesting me.

Therefore, the same confidence, boldness and how i showed up was not as the same as those who were a #girldad. Now don’t get me wrong i now have love for myself. I am confident, bold and I choose how I want the world to see me. It took some time to get there but just know that  it is possible.

I felt compelled to write this not for the #girldad but for the #girlessdad to let them know that despite not having a dad in their life does not make them any less worthy or less valued as those who did have their dad. I celebrate those who were fortunate enough to have the power of their daddy. But, I also celebrate the ones who did not due to various reasons and who choose to be victors and rise above as a #girlessdad.